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First Day at The Pool

Ready To Dive In?

We are excited to splash down the path of water safety with you! Here at Dolphin University, we pride ourselves on the passion for water safety and social development. Our goal every week in each swim lesson is to ensure your child is learning and having fun! Before we dive in, let’s review what to expect on the first day at the pool and during lessons.

Please join us 10-15 minutes prior to your class time on your first day. Be sure to check your Parent Portal to ensure your class time. Our Brand Ambassador will show you around and give the family a minute to find their grove at what is sure to be your new favorite activity!

Instructors and Brand Ambassadors will call for classes and kiddos can enter the water right when class begins! Come dressed and ready for class or change prior to class time in the restrooms outside of the pool room.

*NOTE: Parents must remain with their children during their lesson time and while at the location.

What to Bring

All families should bring goggles (exception of Swim 101), a swimsuit, swim cap, and a towel. We have changing tents on the Pool Deck as well as Bathrooms for changing after class.

Little Dolphin Academy Swimmers (or those not fully potty trained) must wear a disposable and reusable diaper. Forgot one? No worries, you can purchase one with our Brand Ambassador before class.

School Information

Dolphin University Swim Schools

Dolphin University Swim Schools operate inside our partner hotels and fitness centers. We offer a variety of small group classes for infants, children and adults. Our schools feature deck changing rooms, wheelchair accessible entrance and pool lifts, free parking and wi-fi. Each school is placed near numerous family centered shops and eateries. Our brand is in the heart of the community.

Pool Space and Facility Policy

Please lower your voices when entering the pool areas so as not to distract the children in the class. Dolphin University requires the use of Snug-fitting reusable, or diapers made specifically for swimming for children 3 and under, while in swim class. Please speak to a staff member for further assistance.

For the safety of all, NO running is allowed by the pools at any time. Cement, Cool-deck, and concrete can all become slippery when wet. While waiting for your student's class to start we request that they remain with you until their lesson begins. If you bring other children with you that are not participating in the program, they must stay with you at all times. Please have your child(ren) use the bathroom before class. A parent MUST always escort their child(ren) to the bathroom and we request that they are not left unattended while in there.

All of our students receive a treat every day for a job well done. It's not always easy to be brave when learning new things. Please support and praise your child, for their accomplishments in swim lessons are many.

Parent Testimonials

Tracey L.

Registered my son for lessons in August and he is already moving into Level 201. I couldn't be more proud of him. Great teaching staff!
Mom of 2

Donald R.

My wife was very apprehensive about swim lessons with all that is going on in our world currently. We found this Black-Owned Swim School brand and my kids fell in love. Keep up the great work!
A Girl Dad