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Little Dolphin Academy

These classes are designed for students ages 6 months to 36 months. Each class focuses on water acclimation, parents "how-to" in the pool, bubble work, underwater exploration, and FUN! This academy program is broken into 2 classes; parent/child class and an advanced transition class with minimal parent participation.*

SwimSMART Courses

This program begins our independent classes for students ages 3 and up. Each Level builds on skills from the prior class.

Swim 101

FUN-damentals of the Water

Floating and rollover, safety walk (monkey walk), water
discovery and kicking.
Safety Skill: Moving along the pool and exiting safely.

Swim 201

Side Breathing and Development of Freestyle

Learning side breathing for front crawl
(freestyle) and understanding the separation and movement of arms and legs.
Safety Skill: Floating and Rolling

Swim 301

Freestyle and Development of Backstroke

Students will be able to swim a recognizable front crawl with side breathing demonstrating and understanding the movement/timing of backstroke with arms (1-2-3).
Safety Skill: Jump, Float, Swim.

Swim 401

Intro to Backstroke and Treading Water

Students will be able to swim a recognizable back crawl (backstroke) and learn the breaststroke kick and breathing technique.
Safety Skill: Treading water for survival for 1 minute

Swim 501

Butterfly and Flip Turns

Students will be able to swim a recognizable breaststroke kick and learn the arms of breaststroke in this class, along with the introduction to the dolphin kick and the idea of ‘fat-cat, mad-cat’ concept.
Safety Skill: Reach, Throw. DON’T Go.

Swim 601

Technique and Distance

Strengthening mechanics of the strokes and swimming distance.
This class is designed to prepare students for the developmental swim team program.
Safety Skill: Treading water for survival for 1.5 minutes

Graduate Courses

Specialty Classes - Call Us for More Details

Adult Swim Lessons
Adult Water Fitness
Swim Team Prep
Lifeguard and First Aid/CPR Course

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