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Who we are

The Why


This basic life-skill is far too often overlooked in low-income, middle class homes and communities. Sure, on a typical July summer day, you can drive along a Park and Recreation pool and catch sight of kids enjoying the water with friends for a few hours in the sun. 

The question begs, are these kids water safe? Can they demonstrate skills of safety if a situation arises in a pool, lake, or bathtub? 

A study produced by the CDC in 2014 imparts the ongoing notion that Black kids die at an alarming rate because of unintentional drowning. Unintentional drowning is the second leading cause of mortality among children ages five to fourteen. In low-income communities, this statistic is attributed to the cost of adequate swim lessons, lack of swim school facilities in the area, and the ongoing pandemic of fear. Coupled with the history of swimming pools in these communities being defunded, drained, and shut down after segregation ended, this necessary life skill of water safety has become an afterthought in homes around low-income communities.

Our Mission and Passion

We believe that swimming is an important skill that every child should learn. We place our brand in the heart of areas with the passion to change the world! Our mission is "to conquer the fear of water and promote drowning prevention to every child, every family, and in every neighborhood." Dolphin University offers warm water swim lessons, with each class emphasizing water safety and social development. 

Class offerings range from Group (3:1 or 6:1), Semi-Private (2:1), and Private (1:1). 

Students may enroll in our Swim School as early as 6 months.